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1862- Karl Kolter founds the Koch Beverage Company in Wapakoneta Ohio. Product line included Beer, artesian water, soft drinks, and ice. His business flourished and he handed it down to his son in law Henry Koch.

1920-Prohibition forced the Koch family to bottle only non-alcoholic drinks mostly soft drinks and near beer.

1941- Julia May Doolittle and George Koch purchase Consolidated Bottling Co of Lima Ohio and began bottling Pepsi. During WW2 she ran the company! She was part owner.

1973-Karl Koch and wife Judy Koch purchased the Pepsi Cola Franchise in Corpus Christi and Victoria Texas.

1979- The Ohio Pepsi Cola Plant is sold.

1980- Corpus Christi is the first franchise to have a Pepsi Challenge.

1982- Everest Water is formed to serve the growing number of bottled water drinkers.

1988- Karl Koch called a Pepsi commercial featuring Madonna obscene during an interview with local media. The clip made its way onto MTV.

1992-Oneta begins rocking the food vending world by buying Sunrise Vending.

2000- A thief sold a Coke truck cut through a security fence and then broke into a Pepsi truck. He was caught by police later that evening with a Coke van full of Pepsi

2010- Pepsi Cola Corpus Christi becomes the last Independent Bottler in Texas.

2010- Santos Flores retired from the company after working here for 52 years. Many of our employees spend their whole career at Pepsi Corpus Christi.

2011-Sunrise becomes an affiliate of Canteen Vending. This links us with vending companies all over the world.



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